Civil Department

The civil case filing records are located in suite 2400 of the Thomas F. Donelon Courthouse. A new suit is initiated by filing the pleading, along with a security deposit for costs at the central filing area.

When a suit is assigned to a division, the docket clerk in that division is responsible for the processing of all subsequent pleadings involving that case. He* will accept all further pleadings for filing at the counter for that division. The docket sections are divided as follows:

Fax Filing (504) 364-3780
General Information (504) 364-3740 or (504) 364-2611
New Suits (504) 364-2967
A B C & D (504) 364-2898 or (504) 364-2973
E F G & H (504) 364-2979 or (504) 364-2989
I J K & L (504) 364-2985 or (504) 364-2984
M N O & P (504) 364-2969 or (504) 364-2970
Appeals (504) 364-2996
Court Collections (504) 376-2115
Chief Civil Docket Clerk (504) 364-2987

The docket clerks supervise the filing of subsequent pleadings, issuance for process, filing of returns and collection of additional advanced costs as required. Any attorney or party filing a pleading that requires payment of costs must enter the case number on his check. It is important that one’s receipt reflect accurately the amount advanced and the name of the party on whose behalf the payment is made. It is also essential that there be sufficient funds for the check to clear the bank. Please do not give the clerk a check drawn on insufficient funds.

All pleadings should have the correct caption of the case and be typewritten with margins as required by court rules. Our office provides a central information area in the civil department to assist the bar and the general public in finding case numbers and in identifying parties. The department provides computer access to case information, as well.

The records for each division are maintained in the docket section for that division. Unless the record is in court, it should be located in the docket area. When seeking a record, please consult the docket area first.

All pleadings must be filed with the clerk before they are presented to the judge. If one is not sure if further advanced costs are required, he should phone the docket clerk of the division before sending the pleading without payment. We cannot process pleadings without payment of the costs involved. If there are insufficient funds on deposit in the case, the docket clerk will know.

Records withdrawn from the docket section for court must be taken to the courtroom or chambers. Please do not leave the courthouse with them.

Minute clerks in the court chamber area are clerk of court employees, and they can assist anyone with, e.g., court dates, signing of pleadings, and docket information.

A clerk takes minutes of a trial in Judge Henry Sullivan’s courtroom.

There may be a problem that the docket clerk cannot solve. In that event, please speak to the chief civil docket clerk, Mary Najolia, who is located in the civil record room, or she can be reached by phone at (504) 364-2987.

*For purposes of simplicity, the masculine gender is generally employed.

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