Victim Registration

LAVNS (Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System) is a free, anonymous, computer-based service that provides victims of crime two important services: Information and Notification.


For defendant custody and court information, call 1-866-LAVNS-4-U and follow the prompts. Callers use basic information to search the LAVNS database. LAVNS will quickly provide the caller with offender status information, and will provide information on upcoming events and hearings.


Callers may choose to register for automatic notification through LAVNS. Registered persons will receive notification of any change in an offender’s status. Persons registered for court information will receive notification of any change of case status. Callers select the phone number(s) where they wish to be notified and a PIN (personal identification number) to be used to confirm receipt of the notification.

To locate an offender in a parish jail, state prison, or to register for notification, call the LAVNS hotline directly from a touch-tone phone. Once connected, follow the computer prompts given by the LAVNS system. During registration you will be asked to provide a telephone number and select a four-digit PIN. LAVNS is available in English, Spanish, French and Vietnamese. Offenders housed in a municipal jail facility may not be included in the LAVNS database.

LAVNS is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to offender information and to assist you in preparing for an offender’s release. DO NOT depend solely on LAVNS or any other program for your safety.

LAVNS is provided by the Office of the Governor, Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and participating law enforcement agencies within Louisiana.