COVID-19 Updates

*If you or anyone in your household are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, are currently positive for COVID-19, or are under a quarantine order or recommendation due to COVID-19, call the division prior to coming to court.*

Sine Pro Check-In App For Thomas F. Donelon Courthouse Entry

*Any party (criminal defendant, civil plaintiff, or civil defendant), attorney, witness, law enforcement officer, or visitor coming to the Thomas F. Donelon Courthouse shall use the Sine Pro app to check-in before entering the Courthouse to ensure observance of capacity limitations and six feet of social distancing throughout the courthouse.*

Please download the Sine Pro app below

Apple iPhone: Sine Pro
Android: Sine Pro

For more information on the Sine Pro App Check-In Process
Please see Order 2020-007-24th JDC COVID Phase II 2020-06-03
Pages 2 and 3 under section 4. B and C below

Order 2020-007 24th JDC COVID Phase II 2020-06-03

For more information during the COVID-19 pandemic and for Video Conferencing Information

Court Orders – COVID-19

The 24th Judicial District Court is actively monitoring local, state, and national authorities regarding the COVID-19 State of Emergency as declared by the governor and parish president. Please see the orders below

2020-013 Phase III COVID 19

Order 2020-015 Jury Trials

Order 2020-007 24th JDC Phase II 2020-06-03

Any member of the media or the public who wishes to hear/observe a remote proceeding may email their request to the Court in advance of the hearing. The person requesting access should provide their name, the hearing they wish to hear/observe, and their contact information. Every effort will be made to provide the requestor with information on how they may hear/observe the proceeding.

Domestic Self Help Desk – Self Represented Litigants
Hotline: 504-881-1171

You can access Forms by selecting Forms on the left menu and scrolling to Domestic Self Help Desk

Legal Referral Resources 2021 for more information on a Live Event for Self Represented Litigants


April 19, 2021 – April 26, 2021

Effective 8:01 a.m., Monday, April 19, 2021, through 8:00 a.m., Monday,
April 26, 2021:

Domestic and Criminal Commissioner Patricia M. Joyce will assume the
criminal duties of signing search warrants and arrest warrants, setting of bonds, and of committing magistrate AND domestic duties. (Cell: 818-8508 & Office: 504-364-3927)

All non-domestic civil matters will be forwarded electronically to the allotted division’s e-basket for handling. Paper filings may not be walked-through.

This applies to the 24th Judicial District Court charges ONLY. Under the  rules of Court the above Judge/Commissioner should be contacted initially while serving for matters involving the District Court.

24th Judicial District Court
Judicial Administrator's Office

NOTE: NO calls for setting of bonds are to be made between 10:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. Refer all matters involving the First Parish Court, Second Parish Court and all city courts to the Parish Court or City Court Judges only.

Download Current Magistrate (PDF)