Judicial Administration

Under the direction of the Chief Judge and consistent with the Law and Local Rules of the Court, Judicial Administration is responsible for the day-to-day operations and long-range activities of the Court. Judicial Administration assists the Judges in providing services to attorneys and citizens who use the judicial system as well as assisting the Judges in all aspects of court operation.

Responsibilities include administrative and managerial functions and control of the non-judicial activities of the Court as well as operational support and personnel administration.

Judicial Administration serves as advisors to the Judges on administrative matters such as the development, implementation and maintenance of uniform policies and procedures for the operational aspects of the Court. Administration makes recommendations to the Chief Judge on budget priorities; prepares and implements Court budgets utilizing sound budget and fiscal management practices and procedures, ensuring that expenditures are appropriate and within the Court’s budget. Financial operations include accounting, fixed asset management, payroll, and purchasing.

The Office of the Judicial Administrator assists the Judges in the development of policies and procedures by collecting, analyzing and evaluating statistical data on a continuing basis concerning the status of judicial and non-judicial business of the Court, and the preparation of periodic reports based on such data.

With the direction of the Judges, Judicial Administration is responsible for the development, implementing and maintenance of a Manual of Personnel Policies, Rules and Guidelines for Court employees addressing such issues as employee recruitment and selection; supervision; employee job performance appraisal; and discipline and termination of employees as necessary.

The Judicial Administrator’s office provides the appropriate levels of communication and representation of public information and administrative issues externally to other government entities, law enforcement, the media and the public, as directed by the Chief Judge.

Judicial Administration coordinates facility maintenance with Jefferson Parish General Services and ensures that the Court has adequate equipment and a safe working environment.