COVID-19 Update

*If you or anyone in your household are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, are currently positive for COVID-19, or are under a quarantine order or recommendation due to COVID-19, call the division prior to coming to court.*

The 24th Judicial District Court is actively monitoring local, state, and national authorities regarding the COVID-19 State of Emergency as declared by the governor and parish president. Please see the orders below

2020-008 Jury Trials 2020-08-06

Order 2020-007 24th JDC Phase II 2020-06-03

Order 2020-006 24th JDC 2020-04-29

Order 2020-005 24th JDC 2020-03-31

Order 2020-004 24th JDC COVID19 2020-03-23

Español 2020-03-23

Tiếng Việt 2020-03-23

Order 2020-003 – court response to COVID 19 2020-03-16

Order – Court Response to COVID-19 03-13-2020

Any member of the media or the public who wishes to hear/observe a remote proceeding may email their request to the Court in advance of the hearing. The person requesting access should provide their name, the hearing they wish to hear/observe, and their contact information. Every effort will be made to provide the requestor with information on how they may hear/observe the proceeding.

Domestic Self Help Desk – Self Represented Litigants
Hotline: 504-581-4043
You can access Forms by selecting Forms on the left menu and scrolling to Domestic Self Help Desk for more information on a Live Event for Self Represented Litigants

For more information during the COVID-19 pandemic


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