Court Rules

Available here are the Rules for Louisiana District Courts, Titles I, II and III and the Numbering Systems for Louisiana Family and Domestic Relations Courts and Juvenile Courts, Titles IV and V, as provided by the Louisiana Supreme Court web site. Local Rules relative to Titles IV and V have been placed in a table at the beginning of each Title.

Uniform District Court Rules

Local Rules (Appendices)

Rules for Louisiana District Courts


A few notes from the Supreme Court web site:
(Titles I, II, & III, without appendices; numbering system of Titles IV & V)
Ed. Note: the word “proposed” should be deleted in references to the numbering system of Titles IV & V.

Also available here are the Rules for the 24th JDC Domestic Early Intervention Triage Program, which were adopted May 25, 2005.

Rules for the 24th Domestic Early Intervention Triage Program

Questions regarding the Rules of the 24th Judicial District Court should be directed to the office of the Judicial Administrator at (504) 364-3990.